The TractorMat product is a form-fitted, removable mat custom made for Case IH farm equipment. With a light-weight and weatherproof design, this mat is easy to install and helps keep your cab floors cleaner. Sitting on top of the cab’s preexisting carpeted floor with a lip around the perimeter, the mat keeps residue contained and easy to remove for cleaning.

Free with New Equipment Purchases

Featuring the Redline Equipment logo, these mats will be provided for free in all new Magnum, Maxxum and Steiger tractors, combines and 3000 series sprayers purchased from Redline Equipment.

Models Mats are Available For

These mats are also available for purchase for your fleet through the parts department. They are available for the following models:


Price: $128.10

Magnum & MX (180hp+), Patriot 3000 Series sprayer

*Occasionally the mat has to lay over the "lunchbox tabs" in the MX/Magnums. However, we haven't found them to be common and the mat will still fit.


Price: $135.24

Titan Models: 3030, 3040, 3530, 3540, 4030, 4040, 4530, 4540

Patriot Models: 4430, 4440

Steiger/QT Models: 350, 370, 400, 420, 450, 470, 500, 540, 550, 580, 600, 620


Price: $128.10

Common Cab Combines: 5140, 6140, 7140, 7240, 8140, 8240, 9140, 9240

*Will fit some 30 series combines. The part # typically is compatible with common cab combines manufactured after 2013