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Bulk Oil Program Details:

Sign a committed contract to purchases 125 gallons, 3-times within 5-years, of Hydraulic Fluid and/or Engine Oil (750 gallons, combined). With this commitment of the Bulk Oil Program, Redline Equipment will provide, for your use, two tank options. (See below)

On-Farm Bulk Oil Program

  • SAVE with bulk oil pricing
  • Genuine Case IH oil DELIVERED TO YOUR FARM
  • Easy refill; contact your local Redline Equipment dealer
  • Oil is available on your farm when you need it
  • Tanks provided by Redline Equipment for clean and easy handling


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Genuine Case IH No. 1 Engine Oil

  • The exclusive factory fill engine oil in all Case IH equipment.
  • 30-60-90: Heavy Duty Off-Highway engine oils, not simply truck oil.
  • Designed for duty cycles utilizing 90% of rated horsepower.
  • Better base oils; Complex additive packages
  • Performance exceeds industry standard specifications from 12-75%
  • The only oils APPROVED for maximum drain intervals in today's emissions engines (600 Hrs)
  • Best Oxidation Resistance averaging 35% higher than the competition.

Genuine Case IH HyTran Ultraction HF

  • The only Hydraulic Fluid on the market that meets CNH MAT Spec 3540.
  • Superior seal and gasket protection preventing cracking and deterioration.
  • Non-Zinc formula provides max protection against corrosion and deposits.
  • Unmatched shear stability – retains viscosity under severe high pressures.
  • Multi-grade 10W-30 fluid for peak power transmittal across wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Unbeatable water tolerance at over 1% by volume without any harmful effects or additive fallout.
  • Unmatched gear wear and gear surface pitting protection in new and legacy equipment.
red oil

Case IH Lubricant Advantage

  • Developed to provide maximum performance, reliability, and life expectancy for your equipment.
  • Not a "low bid" product - developed exclusively by Viscosity Oil Co.
  • The only oils extensively tested and certified in the lab, test cells, and field by Case IH engineers.
  • The only APPROVED lubricants, certified to exceed CNH MAT specifications.
  • The only oils APPROVED for maximum drain intervals (600 hrs) and equipment warranties.
  • Fully backward compatible - best protections for today's technology and older legacy equipment.


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