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Safety Tips and Tricks for #Harvest18

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During the week of September 16-22, farmers across the country are celebrating National Farm Safety and Health week put on by an organization called AgriSafe. Agrisafe was formed in 2003 by rural nurses whose passion was improving the lives of farmers and ranchers everywhere. Use the hashtag #NFSHW on any social media channel to view safety tips and recourses from people who love the American Farmer as much as we do.

As a farm equipment dealership, we strive to provide heroic customer support to all those in need. With #Harvest18 upon us, Service Technicians are on the move making sure that our customers keep moving. While it is always important to watch out for farm equipment, we ask that you keep an eye out for the behind the scene heroes of harvest as well.  

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while those red tractors and Redline Equipment service trucks are on the move this fall:

  • Whether on foot or traveling in a car, please exercise caution and patience when approaching farm equipment.
  • When traveling on country roads, keep an eye out for farm equipment entering or exiting a road way. Slow down while traveling towards or adjacent.
  • Until it is safe and legal to do so, do not pass farm equipment.
  • Because most farm machinery are sometimes not equipped with turn signals, please be cautious of unexpected left or right turns.
  • Increase your following distance at night.
  • With farm equipment in the fields, be extra cautious of deer in the roadways. If you see one, there is probably more!
  • Keep an eye out for service trucks pulling out of the fields and farms during harvest.

With all that being said, enjoy the view, the dust in the air, and let this be the safest harvest yet