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Challenges Become Internship Memories

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As the internship year comes to a close, I feel very blessed to have experienced such a great summer. Looking back, my most favorite memories occurred while planting the Precision Farming Field Plot because we had a lot of problems that we did not expect would happen. Now, many people would not look at problems as being fond memories, but the way everyone as a team worked to overcome the challenges made it memorable. Some of those problems that occurred were human error and others were ones that we just did not plan for, but we did the best we could, making it a pretty successful plot. Overall that day was a great time that we could learn more about each other and work together for the good of Redline Equipment and our customers.

Throughout the summer, I was assigned a few main projects to complete. My first project included assisting in daily tasks with the Precision Farming specialists and keeping track of re-occurring issues so that the team could be even better prepared for next year’s planting season. The second, and most in-depth project, was planning and completing the Precision Farming Field Plot with a great deal of the staff. This project really required a lot of teamwork and all involved pulled together to make the event successful. Listening closely to the needs of the Precision Farming specialists, I also developed a promotion that could be used in the future to help meet the needs of their customers. To round out my summer, I worked with the marketing team to create how to videos as a resource for farmers on common monitor questions. 


I took this position because I really enjoy Case IH equipment, and the fact that the internship would deal with technology really appealed to me. On top of that, the main reason I took this position was because I knew the people at Redline Equipment would be very welcoming and helpful to all of the interns who participated. I was able to work beside the entire precision farming team, and the helpfulness of every member exceeded my expectations. This summer I hoped to gain a greater knowledge in Precision Agriculture and in customer support in general. Throughout my time here at Redline Equipment, I have learned how important customer support is and how Redline strives to be available any season for any reason at any time.

rex3Rex Tietje is a Junior at Ohio State majoring in Agriculture Systems Management