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Redline Equipment is now a Yield 360 Dealer

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360 Yield Center is the latest addition of innovative products added to the Redline Equipment Precision Farming arsenal. As a self-proclaimed “nitrogen management company”, 360 Yield Center offers a product line up that challenges traditional thinking in relation to nutrient application and residue management. Application practices that revolve around timing and placement with devices such as the 360 Y-Drop®, 360 Undercover®, and more recently the 360 Bandit™ are reasons 360 Yield Center has become a highly respected innovator in the ag industry.

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With the current state of grain markets and the Lake Erie watershed, we continue to work with our customers to offer solutions that will directly affect their bottom line while at the same time continue to be good stewards of their land. Efficiently managing fertilizer plays a large role in both instances. Nitrogen Usage Efficiency (NUE) is not a new concept, however, with today’s technology and hardware growers can have a greater impact on this number because of products offered by companies such as 360 Yield Center.

Moving forward we are excited to offer these innovative products along with the Miller Nitro to our customers. Paired together, these products can produce the type of results that our customers demand. While still a relatively young company, there are numerous places to find information on these results such as and .

Contact your local Redline Equipment Precision Farming Specialist to learn more.

Arik WitkerArik Witker is a sought
-after mind in precision farming, having provided proven technology solutions to famers for more than a decade. He leads our precision farming team as the Precision Farming Manager. His satisfaction comes from seeing customers get results from their precision investment. Outside of work, Arik continues to serve our country as he has for the last 16 years in the Army National Guard. Arik prefers to be outdoors, enjoys snowmobiling and spending time with his wife Angela and two children Dane and Chloe.