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June's Redliner of the Month

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The Redliner of the Month honors an employee who lives Redline Equipment's core values. They are nominated by their peers and receive a gift package that includes a gift card of their choice for their family, a Redline Yeti tumbler, along with lunch with our CEO. 

Very few people go out of there way to stay late or come in early to make sure a customer has what they need, but Calvin Knotts always goes the extra mile to do just that.

“He has shown a lot of dedication to his customer and coworker relationships and will drop everything if something needs to be done,” said Tyler Wallace, Rossville Parts Manager. “Calvin never takes a day off; he lives and breathes agronomy and the precision products he promotes.”

Although Calvin studied Agronomy at Purdue University, he has fully embraced the precision technology and equipment he works with. He knows the answers to questions customers ask, but he also knows where to find the best resources. Calvin truly goes out of his way to do the best job he possibly can on all projects he takes on while continually striving to learn more.

“In my opinion, his passion to learn is tied directly to his passion to help customers,” said Arik Witker, Precision Farming Manager. “Calvin has a great ability to apply what he learned to his daily agenda, which is a vital step for continuous growth.”

Calvin recently took it upon himself to become a Certified Crop Advisor, which gave him even more expertise to advise customers.

He is also the type of guy who makes everyone feel welcome and is fun to work with. In May, Redline’s summer interns joined the team and Calvin welcomed them to the company with open arms.

“As an intern, I have seen Calvin take time to get to know both myself and Andrew, one of the Precision Farming Interns,” said Sheradan Hill, Marketing Communications Intern. “I don’t have a strong knowledge base for farm equipment, but when I ask Calvin questions I can tell he genuinely wants me to learn and succeed within this role and after graduation.”

Beyond his kindness and passion, Calvin also strives for improvement and innovation. The Precision Farming Test Plot was his concept.

“Calvin has a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude, and the Precision Farming Test Plot is a perfect example of that,” said Arik. “Coordinating with the previous farmer for field history and doing numerous video updates about the plot may not fall directly in line with his daily activities, but Calvin never hesitates to step up and accomplish the job.”

He is dedicated to his work, his team and his customers, but through his dedication he finds time to have fun, too. Outside of work, Calvin enjoys camping trips and turf management. He is also an avid morning coffee drinker.

Join us in congratulating Calvin as Redliner of the Month!