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Redline Equipment Now a Miller Sprayer Dealer

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Redline Equipment is Northwest Ohio’s new Miller Nitro Sprayer dealer.

“With the pressure on the Lake Erie watershed and water quality in Northwest Ohio, we reached out to Case IH looking for a solution to bring to the farmers we work with,” Zach Hetterick, Redline Equipment CEO said.  “We know they are under pressure to develop nutrient management plans and we are looking to the future to ensure we have the solutions they need.”

Redline Equipment went to Case IH with a business plan because customers are reaching out looking for this type of solution. They are looking to do late season application of both fertilizer and fungicide.

The Miller sprayer contract is for the five Ohio locations. The Archbold, Bellevue, Sherwood, Bowling Green and Ottawa locations will carry the product.

For those that currently own a Miller sprayer in Northwest Ohio, Redline Equipment will also become their local servicing dealer.

“The staff in our five Ohio locations will be going through training for parts and service to be able to support this product,” Hetterick said. “We did just reach the agreement, so we are in the process of getting our teams scheduled for training and getting the parts ordered.”

Current owners will be receiving a call from their local parts department to get feedback on what parts they would like to see stocked and their expectations.

We already offer the Case IH Patriot, which is a traditional rear boom sprayer and the Case IH Trident which is dual applicator that has dry box capability for dry fertilizer as well as the liquid boom system. The Miller sprayer will round out that product offering.

Miller in tall corn 

“The Miller Nitro is a high clearance sprayer which will allow farmers to get through the crop throughout the growing season both to sidedress 28 late in the season for multiple split applications as well as apply fungicide on crops up to seven feet tall,” Hetterick said. “It gives a lot more versatility than what we have with our other products, but all three products have a unique niche and unique application. We’re trying to serve all the customers in our marketplace.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the Miller Nitro sprayer, reach out to your account manager.