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Case IH Trident Now Available at Redline Equipment

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Redline Equipment is one of a select group of dealers to get to offer the new CASE IH Trident 5550. This combination applicator offers liquid or dry application throughout three seasons of use.

“This product is perfect for a farmer who wants to utilize one investment to do more throughout their operation,” Ben Webb, Territory Account Manager, who attended the Trident product unveiling and training said. “That could be farmers that are struggling with time constraints of when custom applicators come, or the people that want to be more versatile with factory duals. There is a big benefit with not having to switch from narrow tires to floaters.”

Liquid or Dry

The liquid system features a 1400-gallon tank, the largest in the Case IH lineup, while the New Leader dry bin holds up to 330 cubic feet of product.

Fertilizer and Crop Protection

The Trident easily transitions through pre-plant, post-emerge, postharvest.

Wrap up dry fertilizer applications remaining from the previous fall, and then quickly switch to the liquid system. You can also make in-crop pesticide applications; apply nitrogen later in the season to boost protein levels.

Pre-plant, pre-emerge or post-emerge, protect valuable crops from all types of pests — weeds, insects and fungi. Switch back to the dry applicator, if desired, for top dress fertilizer applications. Make postharvest burn down applications before planting double-crop soybeans. Convert to the NL4500T G4 Edge variable rate dry nutrient applicator and apply dry fertilizer postharvest; switch back to the liquid system.

Follow the combines with postharvest fertilizer application and winter burn down herbicides.

Precision Equipped

“The biggest advantage of the Trident is the G4 box and being able to variable rate 4 products and also having swath control with the spreader,” Webb said.

AIM Command FLEX advanced spray technology helps the applicator get the most out of every tankful. AIM Command enhances productivity by the product flow is being controlled more precisely, precision technology being integrated, and more consistent and accurate application in the rough terrain and irregular-shaped fields.

Row widths on crops can vary from farm to farm, crop to crop, and field to field. From the seat of the cab in the Trident 5550 you can adjust the axle settings in ½ inch increments. Increased flotation and reduced compaction come with the factory integrated dual tires.

Fast Switchover

The coolest feature of this unit is how easily you can convert between dry and liquid. In fact, it’s a three person job that takes just 42 minutes. See for yourself:

“I am impressed with the fit and finish of the machine to make the 42 minute change time possible. It’s a trouble free design,” Webb said.