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About this Store

The original Bowling Green International Harvester dealership was founded by the Avery Family, and was located at 1019 North Main Street in downtown Bowling Green. (Today, Thayer Honda is at this location) International Harvester actually owned and maintained it for a period of time after the Averys wanted to close it.

Bernie Reinhart worked for International Harvester before serving as the store manager for the Avery Family dealership. He bought the business from International Harvester, renaming the business to Reinhart Sales. Going to work at 17 as a parts employee for International Harvester in Stony Ridge, Fred Getz became the Parts Manager at Reinhart Sales in 1958. He served there for almost 12 years, before he and Mort Anderson bought the business from Bernie Reinhart in the early 1970’s. They renamed the business to Getz & Anderson, Inc.

The business was sold to Dave and Denny Meyers in the mid 80’s, who relocated the store to its current location in Portage and renaming the company to Eagle Machinery. Archbold Equipment bought Eagle Machinery in 2011. A new facility was constructed and a grand re-opening was held in August of 2015.

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