Case IH Quadtrac vs John Deere 9RX

Beware of Imitations

Steiger® Quadtrac with the Ecolo‐Tiger® 875


John Deere 9RX with the 2730 disk ripper

Key differences that the customers noticed and communicated as they operated both tractors in a head‐to‐head field comparison during the Steiger Quadtrac versus the John Deere 9RX ride and drive experiences.

  • The Steiger Quadtrac provides ultimate operator comfort with a smoother ride, less cab movement.
  • The Steiger Quadtrac provides more power to the ground and less slippage.
  • Steiger Quadtrac tractors weigh less and have the weight evenly distributed through the front and rear of the tractor, providing less ground compaction.
  • Customers saw more visible earthworms, equating to improved soil tilth, in the ground tilled with the Quadtrac and Ecolo‐Tiger 875, thus the depiction of the happy “Tillus” the earthworms.
  • In field trials, the Ecolo‐Tiger 875 left smaller clod sizes and a smoother ground finish compared to the John Deere 2730.
  • John Deere was not the first to market with a 2‐track system, Caterpillar was.

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