Archbold Equipment is now Redline Equipment. Same people, same locations, same ownership, but now with a new vision.

 What Our Tagline Means

any_season_iconAny Season

From the time you plant your first season until you harvest your last. Wet or dry, wild or mild, no matter what the season, we'll be there to keep you running.


Any Reason

Upgrades, inspections, breakdowns, and advice. In the store, on the phone, at your farm, and in your community our professional and knowledgeable staff is here to help.


Any Time

You don't leave work at 5 pm so neither do we. You can count on us to be there when you need a helping hand the most, even when you're running under the lights.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Redline Equipment?

Redline Equipment is a group of people with a passion for equipment. The locations have decades of experience serving farmers for generations with the equipment and support they need any season, any reason, any time. 

Why did we change our name? 

We actually changed more than our name. While we started as Archbold Equipment in Archbold, Ohio we've come a long way. It was time to define who we are and who we want to be in the future to stay relevant. We were also constantly battling confusion with the name of a company in multiple locations being the same name a same town. The confusion increased in the digital age. As part of this process we also made internal changes and have a new mission and core values. 

Why Now? 

The board of directors have actually been discussing changing the name for more than 20 years. Nobody could agree upon a name though. It was part of the company's strategic plan to happen this year. So, we enlisted the help of an outside group and they conducted customer research and helped us come up with concepts.  

How did we come up with Redline Equipment?  

An outside group conducted focus groups and phone surveys to capture the voice of the customer. That information was used to create potential brand concepts. (The research is also being used throughout our company to make improvements in all departments).

In addition, each location nominated a staff member to be a rebranding lead. These employees provided input into the brand to go with, made the apparel choices, helped shape the new brand, and are involved in implementing it at their location.  So, our customers and staff together created Redline Equipment!

Did we change our legal name? 

Yes, our legal name is changing. However, Archbold Equipment is a dba (doing business as) under Redline Equipment. Therefore, our forms, contracts and financial elements are still legal and current.

Who are Redliners?  

The awesome employees at Redline Equipment who work each day to uphold and live out our new mission and core values. They serve our customers and community any season, any reason, any time.

Who are the people in your video and photos?

Glad you asked. Baughman Farms of Napoleon, Ohio who are customers of ours, agreed to share their story to help us tell ours. You see their farm and equipment along with Tom Baughman, his son-in-law Kyle Sheppard and his grandchildren in our videos and photos. The tall guy in the Redline shirt, that's Ben Webb, a longtime employee of our Sherwood location who is a salesman there and serves as their location rebranding lead.

Take a Look Back With Us as We Share the Story of How the Company Got Started & Take the Journey Through Today.